Effective, October 15, 2018, therapists’ private fees are as follows:

Jennifer Schenn-Visentini: $135 per hour
Barbara Morrison: $140 per hour
Scott Morrison: $120 per hour

Sessions are one hour in length unless otherwise agreed to by therapist and client.

Payment can be made by: Cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, Debit and is to be paid at time of appointment. Cancellation must be made by telephone or email, 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment time; If this notice is not given, we will invoice full fee for the non-cancelled appointment. We appreciate clients giving this notice as we will be able to offer your appointment time to another client. Thank you.

*******PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPECIFIC INSURANCE PLAN******** if you are planning on submitting your receipts for insurance. You will need to check your plan to confirm that your therapist’s designation meets the requirements identified in your plan. This is the client’s responsibility to ensure that you have coverage through your plan.

Please do not provide any detailed information on an email to Barbara when inquiring about booking an appointment.  Please only provide that information once an appointment has been made.