To Book An Appointment

Barbara is now offering Distance Therapy as an option to those individuals who are at a geographical distance or to those individuals who have difficulty leaving their homes.  Simply put, Barbara will provide therapy via telephone or Skype to individuals requesting this option.  Confidentiality agreements will be agreed to as per face-to-face therapy.  For those clients interested in Distance Therapy, please speak with Barbara first prior to booking appointments.

The following options are available for booking an appointment:

New Clients

All new clients must contact the office either by telephone at 306.653.3232 or email at: 

General Office: info@broadwaytherapy

Barbara Morrison at: 
Jennifer Schenn-Visentini at:
Scott Morrison at:

New clients will need to provide the following information:
Please provide the information below, once you have actually booked an appointment with your therapist.  Please do not provide any information until the appointment is confirmed.   Thank you.

Telephone numbers
Email addresses
Date of Birth
Presenting Issue
Who will be attending
Method of Payment
    EFAP (indicate which EFAP)
    Insurance Company (name the insurance company) -- it is the client's responsibility to check with your insurance company and/or your EFAP, prior to therapy to verify that your therapist has coverage with that specific insurance or EFAP plan.